Boralpure Smog-Eating Tile


Air pollution is an undisputed problem in the U.S. Air pollution can cause health problems, by inhaling particles, such as reactive chemicals like ozone, and biological materials like pollens. Air quality is a serious, increasing concern in the United States. The American Lung Association recently reported that more than 175 million Americans (roughly 58 percent) are often exposed to pollution levels too dangerous to breathe. What is worse, The World Health Organization estimates 2.4 million people die annually world wide of causes attributable to air pollution.


Boralpure Smog-Eating Tile, one of The 10 Most Innovative Tech Products of 2011, is invented for protecting the environment. Using some creative chemistry, Boral Roofing has turned a standard building material into a formidable weapon—not just against sun and rain, but also air pollution. . When exposed to sunlight it speeds up oxidization reducing nitrogen oxide, which can be generated from fossil fuel burning…

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2 thoughts on “Boralpure Smog-Eating Tile

  1. Sounds more like an advertisement… For one, I question the energy claims. What are they comparing to? Two, how about some actual data on local or indoor NO2 levels?? I doubt there is enough roof area in the world to meaningfully impact outdoor levels. Perhaps some local effects though? In the absence of data, it’s our job to gather it!

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