Give New Life to Old Bottle Waste

The SodaBIB Project is a recent invention by Architect Farzana Gandhi and a group of her very own students at New York Institute of Technology located in Manhattan, NY. This invention organizes any type of used plastic bottles to form a new concept of roof membrane; this is design to help people create shelter from waste.


A new type of pallet was design to be able to fit standard plastic bottles, this pallet breaks into different types of brackets, the brackets then form a new kind of roofs. The bottle and cup is safely secured onto the bracket allowing for 100% recycle process.

SodaBIB it’s an exceptional recycling idea, it enables people to create cheap shelter from waste. This new concept allows for natural ventilation and light. Unlike corrugated metal roofs, the translucent empty plastic bottles absorb all the heat. The bottles also create gaps for natural ventilation.

The SodaBIB features a strong pallet made out of multiple layer of a special designed material which is stacked to maximize weather resistance. The layers are offset allowing anyone to take the whole roof apart with their own hands, so that each layer can be connected to the other layers somewhere else. The patter formed by this layers is very strong because they nest within each other, this helps the layers buttress each other and prevents bending in any direction.

This type of roof is best suited for disaster relief areas or as permanent houses for developing countries where they are constantly shifting between strong rain and over-heating.

Everything and more about this wonderful initiative can be found at


2 thoughts on “Give New Life to Old Bottle Waste

  1. Interesting idea — but I only see sketches on their website. Do you know if they actually have any prototypes built? It’s the only way to reality test some of these claims!

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