Titanium Dioxide Coating

When I saw that someone else posted about Smog Eating Tile, it got me thinking about smart building material.  By smart building material I mean material that does more than just look good, but also give back to the environment it is in. One thing that I came across was a Titanium Dioxide Coating that helps clean the air around it. I have looked into this material for work before, but did not look much into the data on how this product can help our environment. There is a company (Eco Clean) which claims that 10,000SF of this coating has the cleaning power of 80 trees, they also claim that this product is self cleaning. The way it works is that the Titanium Dioxide is applied to a surface and once it gets hit with sunlight it gets activated. Once the coating is activated it attacks harmful radicals that come into contact with it and turns them into hydrogen. Because of this the surface is very slick and no dirt and grime can stick to it, so with every rain fall everything gets washed away.

touchclean_large                    touchclean_large2


There are also a bunch of companies out there that have started looking into this coating to help eliminate harmful bacteria from the air or to even keep finishes on material super clean and new looking. This coating looks like it is a good way of helping improve air quality, but there are some questions I have about it.

Are there any trial experiments where this product is implemented that are collecting data to prove this actually works?

How long does this coating last? Does it have a Life Span of X years or no?

Is it safe for us to come in contact with? Will it harm our skin or anything if someone touches it?

There are similar products out there that are already being used, like smog eating concrete, so why isn’t the Titanium coating being used more often?



One thought on “Titanium Dioxide Coating

  1. MoMA PS1 had a cool summer exhibit in their courtyard last summer called Wendy by HWKN which used titanium coating on the fabric which would clean the air of various pollutants. It was a great installation piece of architecture that engaged social variables along with a pro-active ecological impact. This is the architects’ information on the project


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