Renewable energy at home.

The 10 better options to get a renewable home are the following:

1.-Contract Renewable Energy.

We can contract renewable energy in an electrical supply such as hydroelectricity or wind turbines.

2.-Install solar power in neighborhoods.

The roof from your house can become in an energy central thanks to this modality of energy production of renewable energy.

The electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels is spill to the general net and it is paid a price higher than the electricity cost for the user.

The difference between the sell price and the purchase price it helps to recoup the price of the photovoltaic panels in some years and then almost everything are profits.


3.-Install solar thermal power in single- family homes.

Is very easy to install and it supplies between 60%-80% of heat water consumption.

As soon as the investment is recouped, because of the long life of the photovoltaic panels, guarantee an economic profit for many years.


4.-Install half temperature in single-family homes.

It can cover more than 90% of the heat water consumption and a huge quantity of the heating consumption.

It has the option to attach systems for the cold productivity for the air conditioning.


5.-Heating with firewood (biomass heating).

It is the actual version of the old houses. The main problem of this alternative is the dependence for the combustible availability.


6.-Electrical self-sufficiency with solar photovoltaic power.

It consists in an installation of photovoltaic panels connected to batteries and accumulators.


7.-Electrical self-sufficiency with wind power.

This alternative consist in using the photovoltaic power and wind power together, so we can get a grade of covering of our needs nearly 100%.


8.-Vegetable patch.

They are places where a big number of photovoltaic solar panels are connected to the electrical net.

These panels are property of little investors who get profit selling electricity to the net.

 9.-Solar thermal power to control temperature for swimming pools.

The installation consists in collectors, which are a series of metal or plastic pipes arranged in coil, in which water is driving to be heated.


10.-Passive control temperature.

With that meaning, we refer to act on our house ‘skin’, such as doors and windows.


Which would you choose?




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