New Coat of Paint


This week I was reading an article from the Architectural Record from 07-2013 about applying a certain type of paint to help hospitals minimize irritants, mold, and mildew, while with standing hospitals use of strong cleaners and disinfectants. There has been an upbeat on developing newer hospitals standards with better finishes and comfortable environments to help their patients. Professor Harry Mallgrave, from the Arch Dept. of IIT, taught a class two years ago about health care faculties and looking at finishes, materials, program, etc to help improve patients’ well-being while using these facilities.

One of the primary reasons in healthcare facilities for their new cleaning schedule and increase of present ability is to minimize the increase of “hospital-borne” infections. You remember hearing if one or more people were sick on a plane, you had a greater risk catching what they have? Well, mainly healthcare facilities have to deal with similar…

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