The MSV Fire Alarm Problem




If you did not know this, but MSV in the last year has had frequent fire alarm problem. They have a record of about 20 days without an alarm going off. Last year they even had two go off in in one night. There are many different causes to these fire alarms including, hairdryers, people pulling it, microwaves, and some seem random. The goal of a fire alarm is to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. Some of these reasons for the fire alarm are not included under that definition unfortunately the system in place in MSV is not the best. The system is old, faulty, and has not been maintained properly. Reasons for fire alarms for going on when there is no presence of fire is sometimes do to dust in the alarms or faulty wiring. I know they just put in new alarms in every room so that everyone can hear it, but that does not solve the original problem. The fact that the fire alarms are going off when there is not a fire. The reasons why this is a problem is not only the annoyance to the students living there, but the fact that the fire department comes every time it goes off. They are now charging the school every time it goes off thanks to its frequency. In result tuition is raised and everyone is annoyed.  There have been new advances in technology where the system actually checks to see if there is a fire before calling the fire department. This would be a welcome addition to MSV, however it is not economically sound choice at this time. It is however something to consider when a renovation is going to be done in the future, because eventually the charges to the fire department for their frequent visits will be greater than inserting a new system.


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