A group of mathematicians have studied a new theory, which will help us to build an ‘invisibility cloak’ for buildings. It won’t make them light-invisible, but for something more unexpected: earthquakes.

Until some years ago, this concept was exclusive for science fiction, but each time, scientifics are achieving the goal to get invisibility in a wide range of context.

A team of The University of Manchester has focused on the invisibility theory to help protecting buildings and structures against vibrations and natural disasters.

They have demonstrated that protecting the key components of the structure with special pieces of pressured rubber, the buildings would become invisible for seismic moves produced by one earthquake. It would prevent serious damage to the building.

In 2009 an experiment was conducted and it demonstrated the viability of creating a deflector shield to protect buildings of earthquakes.

An earthquake generates two types of waves, superficial and deeply waves. This shield protects the superficial waves produced by the earthquake, which are more dangerous than those that go deep underground.

This technology would use concentric plastic rings which would be adjustable to the field to deviate the superficial waves.

By controlling the rigidity and the stability of the rings, we can assure that the waves which go through the shield entry smoothly in the material and compressed in little fluctuations of pressure and density.

This technology would be applied to the buildings by installing the rings in their foundations. This theory looks as a key to protect structures such as nuclear power stations, electric towers and governmental buildings from the damages of natural disaster and also from terrorist attacks, because it would provide invisibility in light, sound and vibration waves.



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