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The Plan for September 2013 had an article about the design, goals for the project, and trying to make the building be sustainable in all categories. The John and Frances Angelos Law Center or also known as the “hybrid cube” for the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland program layout had to fit all the needs for the school, such as, classrooms, offices, library, and a mock court room. The architects had to find a way to make the building hold all of these programs and much more for the students, but making it inviting and socially interactive as well.  What makes this building a good example of multi energy saving systems? A rain screen of glass plates, operable windows for each room, ceramic fritted glass panels that helps with natural light and minimal solar gain (only 30% façade is clear), louvers, LED lighting, local materials, passive system, the structural system is embedded with plastic tubing to help cooling and heating. Every detailed was looked at by the stakeholders, architects, and engineers to create an “iconic” building for the city, but a perfect model for sustainable building.[1]

Depending on which article you read about this building it was either lead by two goals in mind: day lighting and the passive system or in more abstract terms “the canyon”.  Two of the main reasons why detailing was so important in the design was because people do better in natural light and also because the clients and architects were trying their best to stay off the grid for electrical consumption. The atrium functions for two reasons: one to bring more light for the interior and help with ventilation.  With the concept of making the building feel translucent with the amount of glazing, the building needed to have a hollow core to translate that idea through, as well as, making it a transition point for programs. How passive systems work is to make the building cooler by creating a hollowed section to carry the heat up out of the building and a well-designed façade in this case. This building fits various types of programs and energy saving techniques that work perfectly for this cube.  


John and Frances Angelos Law CenterJohn and Frances Angelos Law Center[2,3]




The Plan: Architecture & Technologies in Detail., Issue September 2013


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