With the biggest building in the world in China and the highest in Dubai, many Asian cities want to sum to this architectural trend, where the luxury and the oddness appear in this futurist structures which are looking to enhance over the world.

So South Korea will start the construction of tower infinity, a building with 450 meters of height. So, it will be in the 10 highest building in the world. It will be the sixth, after SkyTree Tower in Tokio.


Its glass structure makes a difference between the others Asian megaconstructions. It is designed to be ‘invisible’ from the heights. The tower will be located in a privilege place in the surroundings of Seúl, it will be a few kilometers from the International Airport of Incheon, so all the visitors can visit it and enjoy their services.

The installations will occupy a total of 110.000 square meters and it will be a theater, restaurants, viewpoints, roller-coaster and luxury parks. Moreover, in a height of 392 meters it will have the third observation platform highest of the world.


But the most interesting thing of the building is that will be ‘invisible’ thanks to a sophisticated system of LED lighting. Therefore, with this technology it will be able to generate visual effects and if we watch it from the sky will make it disappear. How it will work?


It will be three different heights in six different sides of the building, to capture images in real time of the surroundings; other three sections, each one of 500 lines of LED screens will project the individual digital images.

With a digital procedure the images will be adjusted, turned and joined to create a panoramic image of one piece that will appear in the LED screen lines to create the invisibility illusion. So, in broadly, everything that will occur behind the building will be project on it.

The construction of the Tower Infinity will start during 2014.



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