Studio Insight

I came across an article that talked about how an architecture professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has parented with scientists to create new building material.  This was interesting for me because my last semester as an undergrad I had a similar professor here at IIT that wanted us to look into new building materials that are helpful and use them in our project. Professor Decker’s main goal was to create material that reduce fossil fuels and make buildings greener and more sustainable. She has already a prototype for a smart screen that gets installed inside a window that moderates temperature and light. The screen is made from shape alloys that change their shape in response to the conditions of the environment they are in. When it is cold the material shrinks and opens up allowing more light in warming the room up and when it is hot the material grows and closes blocking additional heat from coming in. Professor Decker’s understands that creating new material is hard work and takes a lot of collaboration between different fields to get something working. That is why this semester at NJIT she is teaching a collaborative studio that has a wide range of majors from industrial design all the way to interior design. She is hoping the students can work in groups to investigate and gather research on new building innovations.

What I liked about this article is that professors are seeing the building s need to start becoming more energy efficient and are starting to teach this. It used to be “you are in school, you have no budget on your project, go as crazy as you like”, but now professors are preparing students for the real world. A world that has codes is need to be met and a budget. It is wise to teach students while they are still in the classroom so they can be exposed to these new technologies and make buildings more efficient.


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