Trash to Treasure

Our garbage cans pile up every day, filled to the brim with trash, something that we neglect and think little about. We believe it to be useless therefore it is thrown away.However, little do we know that this trash that we throw away every day is a very valuable resource. The problem is learning how to extract this dormant energy contained within this trash. In addition, according to experts, if this can be done, the use of fossil fuels can be greatly reduced. This, in turn, will improve our environment as a whole.

The process that is utilized to obtain this energy, according to WTE, is incineration. The trash is sorted out, removing the materials that may mess with the combustion process. After this filtering out of the interference materials, the left overs are delivered to the combustion chamber where they are to be burned. This process creates heat which warms up the boiler creating steam from the heating of water. With this, a steam-driven electric generator can be powered and several other steam powered machines.

Clearly the above process has two striking advantages. The method of powering the machine is cost and energy efficient and it is safe for the environment. This sustainable process again can help reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in our daily lives. With fossil fuels limited, this is great news to find out that trash, an every day object, can be utilized to create energy.



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