Hempcrete is a “…mix of hemp fibers and cement-like binders that can serve as an effective building envelope” (ASME). According to Mark Crawford, utilizing more green materials for construction is in high demand and builders are using hempcrete as a result.

What is hemp exactly? Hemp is a crop that can be found in either moderate temperatures or even warmer ones. What is interesting about hemp is that it can absorb carbon dioxide when it grows. This is important because this is what makes the crop a green material to use. To create the hempcrete that is used in construction, the hemp is mixed with a binder, or concrete, to form the material.

What exactly does hempcrete do? According to Kris J. Dick, “Hempcrete is used as an environmental barrier for providing resistance to heat transfer and managing moisture of the building envelope” (ASME). With the characteristics of hempcrete, one can see why it is starting to be used more in the construction field.

Hempcrete, however, still needs much more data and testing to be done and this is currently going on. It is being tested in different climates and results and data have been collected. Hempcrete, though, is still another great alternative to use in building.

Resource: https://www.asme.org/engineering-topics/articles/construction-and-building/green-alternative-to-insulation-materials


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