Building Assessment Project – Building Enclosure Class

We presented this project yesterday in the Building Enclosure Class and the purpose of it was to inspect one of the IIT campus buildings (our group project was Engineering Building). The outcomes of the project included a critical assessment of the building enclosure as well as a list of suggested improvement for increased energy and/or moisture performance that could be applied. The tool used for the assessment includes: visual inspection, photographs, infrared thermal images, notes on orientation and external driving forces. THERM was used to calculate the U value and evaluate the thermal bridges in the existing walls and then another model was constructed in Apache, IES VE with a correction factor to resemble a similar assembly as the one calculated in THERM.


Figure (1) Thermal Imaging – E1 the south entrance

During this process we were able to identify many construction details that have caused poor performance of the building envelope. The majority of heat loss was from the windows and steel columns and a little heat loss occurring through the roof per thermal imaging. Single pane windows were the largest source of heat loss. Thermal bridging structural steel through exterior walls was second largest cause of heat loss. Several poor construction details which cause moisture infiltration.


Figure (2) Proposed Glazing assembly shows the isothermal lines at window wall Jamb

Using all of the information we gathered in our inspections, we were then able to create a dynamic thermal modeling Using IES Virtual Environment and create a proposed list of improvements to the building enclosure.  Walls were improved by adding continuous insulation inside the brick wall which also covers steel and the proposed wall assembly showed a slight improvement in R‐value. Glazing was improved by adding a double pane argon unit to the in front of the existing  glass and insulation over the aluminum mullions. The proposed glazing improvements showed a large improvement in R‐Value. The overall energy performance simulations show a reduction of loads and an energy usage reduction of 20% and the occupant comfort level was increased by these improvements.

Click on the link below to access the full report 

IIT Campus Building Assessment Project


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