Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Alternative energy has always been on the rise in the times we live in. More specifically green energy has been on the rise and this is due to the shortage of fuels. In particular, the most well known alternative energy would have to be solar power.

How does a concentrated solar power system work though? They work by utilizing the “…sun’s heat-rather than fossil fuels-to boil water and create steam that spoons the large turbines that drive electricity generators” (ASME). This is very important since, well, the sun is always going to be around.

Solar power is also on the rise because some places cannot utilize the other ways of alternative energies such as hydro power and electric power. Places in the West deal with this problem of being unable to utilize these alternative sources so having solar power is perfect for their case.

The usage of CSP systems has spread around the United States with up to forty-one projects in the Southwest with nine gigawatts of energy generated just from the machines alone. The number of CSP is continuing to rise due to its benefits and will continue to rise throughout the years.

Solar power is important because fossil fuels are being diminished and an alternative energy will be needed once we consume these fuels completely. Not only solar power in general but green and alternative energy is important nowadays because of our decreasing supply.


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