Cooling down a country?

In 2010 the international football association FIFA picked that Qatar to host the 2022 soccer world cup. This event usually takes place in the summer when the average daily high temperatures in Qatar are around 110F. Playing 2 x 45 minutes under such conditions is not desirable. The presented solution is to cool down entire stadiums using solar energy to cool down entire stadiums. The idea is to use chill water to cool down air before it is blown into the stadium and keep the pitch temperature bellow 80 F. The spectators are also promised “comfortable temperatures”. So the idea is to cool down entire open roof stadiums.



Conceptual stadiums for 2022 World Cup. From


However, the ambitious project does not stop there. The football association FIFA also wants comfortable areas for spectators. FIFA purposed that public areas, walkways and training pitches also were to be cooled down. Represents from the Qatar 2022 World Cup organization have even promised to cool down entire neighborhoods to keep visitors comfortable.

A total of 9 stadiums are to be built for the world cup. Keeping all of them, as well as public areas and training pitches cooled will require an enormous amount of energy. Technology will develop further before the 2022 world cup, but it will be interesting to see more detailed plans on how these areas are supposed to be cooled.

The FIFA president Sepp Blatter recently admitted that awarding Qatar the world cup could have been a mistake. FIFA is currently considering moving the tournament to the winter to reduce the heat problem. A decision is expected in the near future.



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