Illinois Institute of Technology Entering DOE Student Home Design Challenge

GE Zero Net Energy Home Model

Among 18 other universities, Illinois Institute of Technology will be participating in a challenge that exemplifies a commitment to building energy efficient designs. Student groups will collaborate and used acquired skills to model a home that meets or exceed the DOE Challenge Home National Program Requirements.


Students will be challenged to create homes that maximize energy efficiency, show a dedication to improve indoor air quality, and making homes zero net-energy ready. In an effort to improve the awareness of environmental concerns, the US DOE and Building America Program have created this competition to direct students to building practices that help improve our world.

There are many benefits to participating in this program. Among being primarily student led, groups will learn to work in a professional environment and offer real world experiences most courses could not. Also, success in the competition would create national recognition and create many career-opening opportunities for participating students.

The DOE Student Home Design competition alternates between the DOE Solar Decathlon competitions. The design competition offers students the opportunity to learn the design phase of the building process whereas the Solar Decathlon offers the opportunity to continue onto the construction phase. Our success in the Student Home Design competition could potentially vault us into the following Solar Decathlon.

Useful technical skills will involve knowledge of modeling software such as Revit as well as building energy software tools such as THERM, Umberto, etc. All majors encouraged to join. Contact Brent Stephens for more information or visit